Polo Field

A unique feature of the estate property is a private polo club house and adjacent field.  The club house decks offer an elegant viewing point of ocean and mountains and the field itself can be transformed into innumerable uses.  The grass field is maintained year round and is easily accessible with a ramp from the clubhouse motor court plus staircases coming up from 3 different exterior access routes of the clubhouse.  The field is the size of several football fields so can hold hundreds of guests, tables, chairs, and infrastructure to host games, parties, and charity events, as well as polo matches.

There is an underground sprinkler system to maintain the field year round so trucks and heavy vehicles are prohibited from driving on the field.  It is possible to back up large trucks to the entrance of the field and unload on the level surface to hand carts or ATVs to transport all the tenting, tables, chairs, etc.  Allowances are made also where to back up generators and port-a-potties along the field fence near this entrance from the ramp.